Sasken becomes a member of the EtherCAT Technology Group

Membership enables Sasken to further add value to customers in building their next generation smart and connected industrial products

Sasken Technologies announced that it has become a member of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG). As part of this membership, Sasken will contribute to features of the EtherCAT standard as well as to the case study bank of EtherCAT technology use cases. Through this membership, Sasken aims to enable industrial product companies, who are deliberating ways to improve the performance of their next-generation products, accelerate the adoption of EtherCAT technology.

Today, industrial companies are adopting industrial Ethernet technologies rapidly to leverage the mature Ethernet technology ecosystem. Among the Ethernet technologies available in the industrial domain, EtherCAT is one of the best options for its performance, reliability, synchronization, and simplicity which are seminal in the operations of industrial products. Sasken is enabling customers across the globe accelerate the adoption of industrial Ethernet technologies, especially EtherCAT, for their products and solutions.

“Sasken Industrials has been engaging with customers to build next-generation industrial products that are ‘connected’ and ‘intelligent’. In the recent past, for a leading industrial conglomerate, we have migrated EtherCAT slave stack to TI-Sitara platform running VxWorks 7.0, for high-precision ultrasonic welding machines, which were the first of their kind in the market. We are also working with a leading manufacturer of machine vision systems on enabling EtherCAT slave support on their next-gen computer vision cameras,” said Mihir Kumar, Senior VP and Head, Industrials Business, Sasken.

“As a strong player in the Industrial Ethernet ecosystem, we anticipate that the ETG membership will open new avenues for us in various industrial domains such as robotics, high-precision machineries, factory automation products, etc. due to the rapid adoption of EtherCAT technology. We are looking forward to leveraging the knowledge that this mature ecosystem provides as well as to contributing new use cases using EtherCAT technology to the group,” he added.

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