Rockwell Automation CEO Talks About Future of the Internet for Industrial Use

Blake Mollet shares insight on IoT and industry productivity at Cisco's Internet World Forum in 2017 at Cisco

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Rockwell Automation's president and CEO, Blake Morret, announced that Cisco has announced the Internet's (IoT) world, which was held in London, UK.

In the forum, he talked about the impact of introducing IoT and IoT on productivity in the industrial field, and shared knowledge with over 1,200 business leaders. Rockwell Automation, the only in the industry devoted to industrial automation and information, is in a special position to understand the challenges and opportunities of leveraging the future of smart manufacturing.

As Morret explained, the positive outcome of IoT is expected to accelerate as the organization moves from pilot projects and proof-of-concept projects to the introduction of extensible IoT.

According to a global IoT decision maker survey published by International Data Corp. (IDC) , about one-third (31 percent) of the companies surveyed have already launched the IoT solution, and 43 percent will be in the next 12 months.

Rockwell Automation recognizes that there is a similar trend in the introduction of our IoT solution and continues to increase pilot operation in various industries, applications and regions.

Morret says: "Manufacturers and industrial operators have found a practical way to utilize IoT in their entire business and as a result we have measurable business value.With combining IoT technology and expertise in specific industrial applications Improve collaboration system, speed problem solving, improve productivity. "

Morret cited Mollet's declining computing and connection costs, the fusion of IT and operational technology as a number of factors driving the introduction of industrial IoT and the networking of operations.

Mollet 's CEO, introduced the IoT technology and networked enterprises can improve the grasp of industrial processes by providing appropriate information to every level of business with scalable analysis function, And how to increase the value.

Morret took up Rockwell Automation's customer, Great Lakes Brewing Co., and touched on the company's introduction of scalable analytical capabilities to improve visibility and productivity in various aspects of the business.

2017 IoT World Forum will explore the impact of IoT on business, technology and society. As a strategic partner, Rockwell Automation and Cisco have long partnered with industrial networking and security solutions required for industrial digital change. Both companies are helping manufacturers to improve their performance by bridging the technical and cultural gap between manufacturers and higher level information systems.

Morret says: "We have excellent technologies and employees, powerful culture, but our company is outperforming our competitors is the ability to partner with a company like Cisco, we are very empowered at the manufacturing site and the corporate network We are collaborating in providing expertise and solutions so that we can connect in a secure and smooth way."

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