Robotic Process Automation to Create 2 Lakh Jobs in India by 2021

Proliferation of the technology will create new job genres in India, says UiPath

India is in prime position to become a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) powerhouse because of its growing talent pool and cost advantage.

It is estimated that around 2 lakh RPA-led jobs will be created in the country by 2021. RPA has been gaining traction as a way of automating repetitive, tedious tasks to handle higher-value analysis and decision-making.

“India is reaping the benefits of a new genre of jobs created from RPA. The Indian mind is apt for this technology; Indians have the right ability for workarounds and out-of- the-box thinking that works well for RPA. So we see a great pool of RPA talent emerging from the country,” said Daniel Dines, CEO and co-founder of UiPath, the leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company.

An industry event saw the participation from more than 650 business leaders, experts and executives, and discussed concepts and presented work done by major UiPath customers and partners such as HCL, KPMG, IBM, Robert Bosch Engineering and many more.

“RPA will help build India’s middle class,” continued Daniel Dines. “Currently only 1 percent of the Indian population earns above $20,000 a year. RPA is right now creating jobs that will push a higher percentage of the population into this segment.”

Sarah Burnett - VP of global research company, Everest Group, said automation is the way to go. “It will create incredible opportunities in the IT sector. In a recent study by Everest Group, 80 percent of the companies that we surveyed rated RPA to meet expectations and even exceed them. RPA addresses many areas including regulatory compliance, process automation and more. Also, it is secure and most importantly, it is scalable.”

UiPath officials estimate that around 2 lakh RPA-led jobs will be created in India in the next three years. “RPA provides new pathways for job opportunities. These could range from process engineers and robot managers to implementation and infrastructure staff and complex management positions. The scope is limitless,” said Manish Bharti, Country Sales leader – UiPath India.

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