RCOM India Enterprise Business Launches ‘Branch Connect’

It is an industry-first offering powered by best-in-class 4G LTE network

Photo Credit : Reuters,

Reliance Communications, India’s fully-integrated telecommunications service provider, announced the launch of Reliance ‘Branch Connect’—the country’s first 4G Enterprise Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution—designed to help businesses quickly extend their corporate network to sites virtually anywhere in the country.

Launched by RCOM’s India Enterprise Business Services unit, Reliance ‘Branch Connect’ offers secure high-performance wireless connectivity in the last mile for enterprises to quickly connect their sites—be they branch offices, warehouses or partner offices, etc., to the corporate private network.

Reliance ‘Branch Connect’ offers secure and high-performance enterprise-grade connectivity over RCOM’s Next-Gen Reliance 4G LTE network, providing an unmatched experience for businesses.

The solution makes network expansion quick and easy for businesses across the country—from metropolitan areas to the hinterland, offering easy management and scalability of networks. The solution has been designed with security as the most critical product feature.


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