Quantzig reveals Challenges Hindering Adoption of Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain technology can help healthcare companies to access and share patient data securely

Quantzig, a pure-play analytics solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest article on the challenges hindering the adoption of blockchain in healthcare.

The blockchain technology, for long, was only associated with the financial sector. But now, the applications of this disruptive technology are gradually finding its way into the healthcare sector as well. We have talked about the benefits that the healthcare industry can gain with the help of blockchain technology previously on our blog “Will Blockchain be Successful in Making Room for Itself in the Healthcare Industry?”

Blockchain technology can help healthcare companies to access and share patient data securely. Although, in practice, the implementation of the same is not as easy as it sounds.

Major cultural shift

Although the healthcare sector is slowly getting digitized, healthcare companies still rely on paperwork for many processes. Therefore, it would be difficult for them to shift to electronic health records on a short notice. For any industry, altering consumer’s behavior and changing their routine functions is challenging as well as time-consuming. There are high chances of resistance from the employees. Therefore, companies in the healthcare sector need to figure out ways to convince their employees and provide adequate training to implement new technologies like blockchain. To gain detailed insights into our engagement models and portfolio of analytics solutions, request a proposal

Healthcare is distributed

At present, insurance payers and healthcare providers are not in sync when it comes to handling records. Therefore, it would be very difficult for them to adopt blockchain technology. Also, if any of the partiers are not ready to accept these changes, then the usefulness of the whole system goes to waste. To know more about our analytics services and how we can help you boost sales, request more info

Unwillingness to disclose data

There are several cases where the hospitals are not willing to share their exact cost data with insurance companies. The prime reason for this is insurance companies charge different rates for different patients. In such cases, implementing advanced technologies such as blockchain would not be an easy task.

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