Qualcomm and Sprint Team Up to Offer Free Data through 2018 for Always Connected PCs

This offer is set to change the way people work, create and play on mobile PC devices

At Computex in Taipei, Qualcomm Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Inc., announced a joint effort with Sprint for Sprint to offer its customers free unlimited data in 2018 with AutoPay on Qualcomm Snapdragon Always Connected PCs from Asus, HP and Lenovo.

Consumers expect an always-connected computing experience, and this offer is set to change the way people work, create and play on mobile PC devices, as the ultrathin and 2-in-1 device category grows.

“We’re excited to continuously grow the Windows 10 on Snapdragon ecosystem by supporting Sprint in providing customers with unlimited data, encouraging even greater on-the-go productivity and entertainment,” said Joe Glynn, VP, business development, Qualcomm Technologies. “Building on our existing portfolio and upcoming offerings, this announcement is a significant milestone in bringing consumers fast, accessible connectivity from nearly anywhere in North America.”

The news follows recent announcements from Qualcomm Technologies re-iterating its commitment to support a shift in user behavior to a mobile-first, always-on, always-connected Windows 10 experience, with the introduction of PC data plans from operators across the world, including Europe and China.

“Clearly, the next generation of laptops is here with the arrival of Always Connected PCs,” said Ryan Sullivan, VP of product development and engineering, Sprint. “These PCs are changing the way we work and play – they demand a great network experience and Sprint delivers on that. We are excited to be part of this movement and we know our customers will appreciate these powerful mobility solutions.”

Shifting consumer behavior and demographics point to a rise in consumers expecting their computing devices to be always on and always connected. The PC experience is about to change, and both Qualcomm Technologies and Sprint are leaders in this effort forward.

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