Predictive Analytics Eliminates Blind Spots, Minimizes Risks And Maximizes Opportunities: Jagat Pal Singh, CTO, Cybage

It is important for businesses to focus on the delivery and adoption of AI and predictive analytics using simple, effective and consumable to succeed and get better RoI

Jagat Pal Singh, CTO, Cybage

Founded in 1995, Cybage, a pure play technology consulting organization specializing in product engineering services. It is headquartered in Pune and has two additional development centers in Hyderabad and Gandhinagar in India, with a development center in Redmond, USA. With a total strength of 5800 employees, Cybage recently opened a nearshore development center in Mississauga, Canada. Cybage has a strong presence in North America, APAC and European regions owing to its clientele base comprising of technology start-ups, mid-size companies, and Fortune 500 corporations alike. 

Jagat Pal Singh, CTO, Cybage, in a conversation with Sarabjeet Kaur, BW CIOWORLD, explains how the company’s differentiation and attractiveness is captured in their three pronged value propositions—Execution Excellence, Software at the Center, and Engage the Future.

Singh: 1. Execution Excellence signifies the value we place on consistent and world-class work product. For over a decade, Cybage has run the operations using DecisionMines, a Prescriptive Analytics decision-making platform that speaks to key functional areas (we have 80 modules that address aspects as diverse as Project Management, Appraisals, Attrition, Hiring, Client Health, and Employee Productivity). DecisionMines has powered Cybage’s growth, fostering long-term relationships with some of the world’s finest technology companies.
 2. Software at the Center speaks to Cybage’s Product Engineering credentials. We believe software is at the heart of business problem-solving, underpinning the digital economy.
 3. Engage the Future speaks to the 'thought leadership’ and strategic dimension we deliver, evidenced through converting disruptions in technology into meaningful value for our partners.

BW CIOWORLD: How is Cybage building competencies in emerging and rapidly evolving technologies?

Singh: Cybage originated by being a leading-edge product company, continuing the technology focus DNA. The organization structure roles and responsibilities were designed to stay modern in terms of technology and practices adoption. The charter for our CoEs enables them to focus on R&D, experimentation and agnostic best of breed technology choices by giving them a revenue target free environment. They are measured on customer and industry body accolades for making right choices balancing durability, scalability, and value per unit cost. We refrain from the reseller and licensing kick-backs to stay agnostic.

We are also our own customer, driven by scientific approach towards data collection and data science-driven decision making at all levels in the organization. With massive investments in building our own systems that leverage cutting-edge technologies.

BW CIOWORLD: How do you enable your customers to take advantage of new and relevant technologies?

Singh: Organizational structure allows us to pass on customer challenges, roadmaps, and opportunities to core technology think-tank, who help evangelize win-win proposals for customers to balance the near-term and long-term goals. The mix of customers allows us to evangelize with more agile and technology leadership oriented customers, the success and learnings from the required case studies to drive the next league of customers down the same evolved path.

Various R&D and pilot labs provide the necessary insights into the capabilities and limitations of leading & emerging technologies that empower customers to make more informed decisions. We offer architecture and technology roadmap consultation services that leverage our learnings across customer engagements as well as CoE R&D to deliver the required insights, roadmap and hand-holding for customers and implementation teams.

BW CIOWORLD: What type of intuitive and informed analytical decision-making solutions do you provide for growing startups?

Singh: For over a decade, Cybage has built and leveraged DecisionMines for data science-driven decision making. It is an advanced goal-oriented decision management solution designed to predict and prescribe necessary insights to leverage opportunities and to tame threats within an organization. Acknowledged by various global institutions and organizations such as Gartner, Forrester and Harvard Business Review. It focusses on the decision maker breaking the traditional mold of advanced analytics being focused on business analysts and data scientist.

BW CIOWORLD: How can businesses utilize AI for better decision making?

Singh: Journey for making better decisions should start with investing in gathering and managing data. AI can be utilized for prediction and classification of behaviors of various entities that fuels or impacts your business – employees, customers, sales, market trends and machinery (technologies). The key lies in delivering and executing the findings from the AI to the decision makers and executors. A digital decision solution enables institutionalization (adoption), the delivery and evolution of the AI insights. It is important for businesses to focus on the delivery and adoption of AI using simple, effective and consumable to succeed and get better RoI from AI initiatives.

BW CIOWORLD: What is the importance and role of predictive analytics for businesses (small and large) in today’s time?

Singh: The behavior forecast or classification provided by predictive analytics augments the art of judgment to go beyond gut feel. The role played by predictive analytics for businesses small and large is equivalent to the role played by compass in a sailor’s life or medical diagnostics play in a physician’s life. Today’s predictive analytics technology can not only save significant time for decision makers but it also eliminates many blind spots and makes it possible to define concrete strategies ahead of time. Simultaneously, it minimizes the risks and maximizes opportunities.


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