Postman Announces Multi-Region Support for Growing Monitoring Product

Developers can now test APIs from multiple locations


Postman, provider of the most complete API development environment available, announced a major update to its Postman monitoring feature.

Now, developers can select geographical locations from which to run API tests. This solution enables developers to monitor and measure network latency issues from a network in one region to a network in another region.

In today’s global economy, companies need to reach customers all over the world. Any geographical location with access to the Internet is a potential customer base for businesses offering online products or services. Although market expansion through the Internet potentially increases revenue, it also poses latency challenges.

Companies need to know if customers in locations thousands of miles away can access services or products as easily and quickly as customers in local areas. If customers outside a company’s geographical region are unable to access a site from their devices in a timely fashion, they’ll become frustrated and ultimately seek the same product or service from a competitor.

In addition, monitoring traffic in multiple locations helps developers quickly detect and resolve API latency issues before customers encounter issues, such as a slow loading website.

The Postman implementation for regional monitoring mirrors the Amazon Web Services (AWS) stack, allowing Postman to support the many regions that AWS supports, and to add new regions when AWS adds new data centers.

Postman’s monitoring implementation also allows very quick provisioning of new regions, when requested - taking less than a day.

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