Pillar Project Announces First Design Contest

The prizes will be awarded in ether, a cryptocurrency, and will change as the price of ether changes


On July 17 2017, the Pillar project, part of Twenty Thirty AG, a Swiss blockchain innovation company, received over $20million from supporters in what is called a blockchain token sale, or ICO. Now the project announced its first design competition.

The goal of the Pillar project is to create a mobile “wallet” application that will become the centre of people’s digital lives. The project has no management structure or board and will soon be coming to London, UK, to hire and get started. To attract world-class designers, they have created a design contest anyone may enter. The contest runs from now until September 17th, with prizes as follows:

* First prize: £9,200 (50 ether)
* Second prize: £3,680 (20 ether)
* Third prize: £1,840 (10 ether).

The prizes will be awarded in ether, a cryptocurrency, and will change as the price of ether changes (currently £184 per ether).

“We want to reach out worldwide on our design challenge,” said David Siegel, one of the project’s founders. “We’re attracting world-class technical people, and now we are looking for design and user experience (UX) talent. We want people to work in teams, and we’ll soon be launching an online community where people can find other team members.”

The goal of the contest is to sketch out and provide thinking on creating a next-generation “smart” wallet. The judges are not looking for final designs. In fact, 50 percent of the score goes to design sketches and mock-ups, 20 percent goes to testing, and 30 percent goes to thinking and philosophy of what a wallet should be and how people will interact with their digital tools in the future.

Examples of key skills required include user interaction, service and interaction design, typography pretotyping, behavioural research, Javascript, other front-end scripting languages and customer service. The competition closes on September 17 2017.

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