Piction Network builds new Bridges for today’s Digital Natives

Funds raised through the Piction Network blockchains are equitably and transparently distributed directly to content creators


The volume of the entire digital content market is expected to reach 1,982 Million USD in 2019, with an annual growth of over 10 percent. As the market for digital content continues to grow in the fourth industrial revolution, media industry leaders with immense influence threatens to diminish opportunities available for young content creators to make a name for themselves. The rise of free-to-air content on established digital platforms also puts young content creators in a difficult economic spot.

Original creative works are pitched and sold at low market prices, and creative copyrights are reluctantly handed over in unfavourable service agreements, disempowering the aspiring creative professionals.

The Piction Network ecosystem recognises and solves this problem by harnessing the architectural power of blockchain. Content creators can raise the needed funds directly from the Piction community. Community members, in turn, too can participate as supporters, translators, influencers and consumers. Funds raised through the Piction Network blockchains are equitably and transparently distributed directly to content creators.

More significantly, content copyright ownership remain exclusively in the hands of content creators being registered and untampered on the blockchain. The Piction Network serves as the community platform that connects creators and communities together. Industry monopolies and unfavourable creative intellectual property rights need not be major obstacles anymore in this growing digital content market.

Fred Bae, CEO of Piction Network, says: "It is very hard to maximize the potential of the one-man creator in the content market. Even Youtube is only focused on the scope of video clips, limiting the creator's scope of work. There are numerous types of one-man creator content, various one-man creator with different types of talents, and the users have their right to enjoy the different type of content.

"The ecosystem that Piction Network plans to build offers an environment where a talented person can start their work as a one-man creator who, with the support of other talented users, can easily overcome the hardships such as lacking marketing, promotion, and translation. The blockchain-based system will maximize and encourage the co-operation between the one-man creator and users."

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