Paradigm Housing Delivers Digital Transformation with LANSA’s Low-Code Development Platform

These elements form part of a broader Digital Transformation drive towards customer self-service and efficiency improvements

Digital Transformation

LANSA announced that its customer, Paradigm Housing, has delivered the next phase of its Digital Transformation Programme – a Customer Portal and a mobile workforce solution - using LANSA’s Low-Code Development Platform.

These elements form part of a broader Digital Transformation drive towards customer self-service, efficiency improvements and costs reduction. These latest additions integrate tightly with Paradigm’s existing housing management system, also built using LANSA.

By choosing to build in-house, using LANSA’s single-language solution, Paradigm has been able to create the specific business applications it needs at a fraction of the time and cost of using packaged applications, or of building with traditional development methods.

Requiring only two developers, Paradigm IT has delivered back office, mobile and web based applications without the need to master the plethora of skills such projects would normally demand.

Mike Silk, head of IT at Paradigm said: “LANSA insulates us from changing technologies and lets us focus on business need. Being able to deliver solutions in a very short time is critical to the business. It drives efficiency changes and allows us to re-invest in more homes for more people.”

Martin Fincham, CEO of LANSA said: “Paradigm have maximised the value of LANSA’s potential to deliver fast and with quality, at low cost on every platform. The pressure on housing organisations is immense and I’m proud that LANSA helped them to deliver digital transformation at speed.”


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