OurMine Hacks Vevo, Releases 3.12TB of Internal Files

Most of the Vevo files are now removed from the OurMine website

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The hacking group Ourmine is back again and this time they have targeted the multinational video hosting service - Vevo.

The hacking group who has a reputation of defacing websites and social media accounts said that they leaked data from Vevo after one of the employees was disrespectful to them on LinkedIn.

The firm had leaked 3.2 TB of internal files from Vevo but as reported by Gizmodo the files did not contain any confidential information. The files included benign data including weekly music charts, pre-planned social media content, and various details about the artists under the record companies' management.

Some files were more sensitive though, like the one that revealed the alarm code for the company's offices. It is possible that the hacking group had gained access to even more critical data but chose not to declare it.

Most of the Vevo files are now removed from the OurMine website.The website also features a notice stating that the OurMine "deleted the files because of a request from VEVO."

A Vevo spokesperson confirmed the hack, saying: "We can confirm that Vevo experienced a data breach as a result of a phishing scam via LinkedIn. We have addressed the issue and are investigating the extent of exposure."

Ankush Johar, director at HumanFirewall.io, said: “91 percent of all cyber attacks start with phishing, says Gartner. Low-level employees are compromised via social engineering tactics after which malicious hackers gather further information and compromise higher level accounts and eventually the internal networks of an organisation.

"Humans are the weakest link in cybersecurity and hackers are well aware of that.  One un-trained employee can cost billions to an organisation. Companies must ensure that they provide proper phishing awareness training to its employees and employees should always think before they click on links/download files from the Internet. You are the first line of defence and hence have to be the strongest link."

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