Only 6.3 Customized Apps Getting Deployed: Adrian Leow, Gartner

There may be a lot of buzz around mobility but CIOs are staring at a backlog of hundreds of apps. In an exclusive interaction with BW CIOWorld, Adrian Leow, Principal Research Analyst, Gartner, throws light on mobility and other emerging trends in enterprise technology.

What have been the three biggest defining trends in the technology sector in 2015? The first big development has been the launch of Windows 10, which tries to expand the Windows ecosystem across devices, developers and users. Microsoft has shown Windows 10 delivering new universal Windows apps for Office designed for touchscreens. It is also positive to see the new Microsoft universal Windows apps going beyond just business- or productivity-oriented apps; the addition of universal Windows apps for Photo, People, Maps and Music looks promising, and will make devices running Windows 10 more attractive to different users. The second big trend has been the emergence of wearables


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