Online searches for home care and education services top local services market in Q1-2017

Sulekha sees an overall growth of 74 percent in business registration from service partners in the first quarter of 2017 (Y-O-Y), indicating growing trust in the brand

Sulekha, one of India’s largest and fastest-growing digital platforms for local service need fulfilment today revealed the online search trends in local services market in the first quarter of 2017. 

Sulekha’s reports show that searches for Homecare and Education categories have seen more than 200 percent growth in Q1 2017, when compared to Q1 2016. The company sees an overall growth of 74 percent in business registration from service partners in the first quarter of 2017(Y-O-Y).

Home Care: Demand for domestic help triples
The top categories under Home Care have been Domestic Help, Pest Control, Modular Kitchens and Interior Designers.

* Searches for Domestic Help services have grown by approximately 200 percent, showing the healthiest growth for the Home Care category.
* Searches for Pest Control have risen by 40 percent. 
* Searches for Modular Kitchens and Interior Designers have increased more than 50 percent. 

Education, a forerunner in online searches?
The categories under Education that have seen the highest increase in searches are Coaching and Tuitions, Sport Coaching and Job Training and Overseas Placement consultants.

* Searches for Coaching and Tuitions have seen a double digit growth for Q1 2017, have risen by more than 50 percent.
* Searches for Sport Coaching have seen the biggest number of enquiries across platforms, have grown more than 130 percent.
* Searches for Job Training and Overseas Placement consultants have grown up by 30 percent and 125 percent, respectively. 

More professional services sought online 
Diagnostic Centers, Domestic Courier services, Gas Agencies and Catering services have been the most searched categories under Professional Services.

* Searches for Diagnostic Centers have seen a double digit growth, have grown by more than 120 percent.
* Searches for Domestic Courier services and Gas Agencies have shown a growth of 50 percent.
* Searches for Catering services have shown a growing trend with leads rising by more than 30 percent. 

Growth in business registrations from service partners
The top categories that have seen an increase in business registrations include Service Professionals, Home Care and Coaching and Tuitions.

* Top eight cities contribute towards 65 percent of business registrations on Sulekha.
* Delhi NCR tops the list with 16 percent contribution in the overall new registrations.
* Bangalore and Mumbai contribute 10 percent each.  
* Professional Business services have seen the highest number of new registrations (30 percent) with Website services seeing the maximum registrations for the Professional services.
* Home Care services, and Coaching and Tuitions have seen a strong response, contributing 13 percent and 14 percent, respectively. 

Commenting on the market trends, Satya Prabhakar, CEO and founder of Sulekha said: “With over a decade’s market presence in India, Sulekha has been a standing example of a sustainable business model, while being a brand trusted by both users and service partners. We can confidently say today that we have the largest base of users and local service partners. Our technology sophistication is enabling better need fulfilment for our customers.”

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