One Identity Starling Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence Unveiled to Prevent Data Breaches

Aggregates and compares users and peer groups within and across organizations, enabling best practices

One Identity, a leader in helping organizations get identity and access management (IAM) right, announced One Identity Starling Identity Analytics & Risk Intelligence (IARI), a new SaaS-based solution that reduces identity-related risk associated with improper user entitlements, or access rights.

Starling IARI provides significant visibility and insight by analyzing and comparing user entitlements, and pinpointing situations where entitlements are out of norm and pose an elevated risk.

Recent enterprise security incidents show similar patterns: exploitation of excessive or inappropriate entitlements by threat actors who then capitalize on access to steal data or proliferate malware and viruses. A frightening number of companies have instances where their users gain inappropriate entitlements when they change roles or are improperly provisioned.

Starling IARI proactively reduces entitlement-based risk by helping ensure an individual’s access rights are appropriate, used actively and present the lowest risk, quickly identifying dormant or inappropriate entitlements, and remediating high-risk roles before they are leveraged in harmful ways.  

“Beyond the benefits provided by its features, One Identity Starling Identity Analytics & Risk Intelligence’s deployment model is tremendously advantageous to our customers and is a significant selling point,” said John Milburn, president and GM of One Identity.

“As a cloud-based solution, we can quickly add new features or enhancements to One Identity Starling IARI. In this way, we can be highly nimble, offering new features at the speed of business and in-line with emerging challenges facing our customers.”

Starling IARI enables you to detect entitlement-related threats and efficiently inspect anomalies so customers can make decisions, prioritize actions and remediate risk. The solution leverages a growing pool of data source modules and a cloud-based data collector to aggregate user entitlement data. It then provides analysis of users’ rights to highlight areas of unacceptable risk and where those rights may be out of line with peers, organizational policy, or role definitions.

Finally, One Identity Starling IARI delivers a superior level of visibility, control of user entitlements and the ability to mitigate risk.


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