OXIAL IT GRC Solution Provides Real-time and Integrated View of Cyber Security Threats

New solution changes risk management focus from technology to business, eliminating ‘patch-work’ approaches and providing continuous protection


Organisations can now benefit from a real-time and integrated view of all cyber security threats, thanks to the new IT GRC solution from new generation GRC solution provider OXIAL , that integrates IT risks and threats with overall risk and compliance structures.

Based on years of experience managing IT systems, and collaborating with information security experts, OXIAL IT GRC  combines disciplines to guarantee a better level of security and performance, and provides powerful features to manage IT priorities in line with business expectations.

OXIAL IT GRC offers risk, audit and control modules, as well as information security modules focused on an IT Governance approach, for either the Financial Services or Insurance Industry. It allows quantitative and qualitative measurement of the risks and their financial impact, thus reducing human errors, fraud, or quality issues.

“The cyber threat in 2017 is more professional and targeted than ever before and organisations are increasingly vulnerable to such attacks,” said Eric Berdeaux, CEO, OXIAL.

“Because IT risks are now business risks that come with business consequences, organisations must adapt the way they manage those risks. This is not an “IT Department” contained matter and it requires an effective risk management capability, a common language and a common framework for decisions and controls.

"Thus, reducing fires to fight, reducing costs, re-focusing on more productive activities creating business value. By incorporating IT GRC into a company’s overall GRC framework, employee interactions are moulded from the bottom up, with checks at all levels and types of access point.”

Key benefits of the solution include:

  • Manage unified compliance framework with pre-formatted regulations, methodologies, frameworks and security policies (Cyber, GDPR, ISO27001,NIST CSF,..)
  • Assign measures to team or people, follow up on actions, manage delays
  • Manage security control catalog based on best practices
  • Provide a flexible issue management system
  • Produce in seconds dynamic compliance reports
  • Assess environments by using best in class audit programs
  • Compare year on year trends
  • Link assets to entities to business and IT processes
  • Load external audit programs, remarks, recommendations & actions
  • Monitor
  • End to end data protection using best in class encryption management system (Global Data Sentinel)
  • Use watchdog technology to find inappropriate behavior


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