Now, Ukraine Reeling Under Massive Cyber Attack!

A massive cyber attack has disrupted businesses and services in Ukraine, including some banks, airport, etc.

A massive cyber attack has disrupted businesses and services in Ukraine today!

The attack has brought down the Ukraine government’s website and also warned officials to warn that airline flights to and from the country’s capital city Kiev could face delays.

There was an error message on computer screens: “Warning: Do not turn off your PC! If you abort this process, you could destroy all of your data!”

The National Bank of Ukraine has warned banks and other financial market participants about an external hacker attack on the websites of some Ukrainian banks, as well as commercial and public enterprises, which was carried out today.

As a result of these cyberattacks, banks experience difficulty in servicing customers and performing banking operations.

All the financial market participants have taken steps to tighten security measures to counteract these hacker attacks.

The NBU is confident that the banking infrastructure is securely protected from cyberattacks and any attempts to perform hacker attacks will be efficiently warded off. The NBU closely monitors developments and inform market participants about the cybersecurity measures taken to protect the banking system.

Also, Ukrainian aircraft maker, Antonov, is said to have been hit by the cyber attack. And, the Kiev airport was hit by the cyber attack, the operator, Boryspil, said, adding that delays were possible.

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