New data centre landscape service revealed

UK largest third party data centre country market in EU with over 738,000 m2 of data centre raised floor space

DataCentrePricing.Com has launched a new subscription service called 'Data Centre Landscape '.

This new service provides a complete analysis of the four largest Data Centre Country Markets in Europe namely France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.

The launch edition of Data Centre Landscape shows the following trends:

i) The largest third party Data Centre Country Market is the UK - with over 738,000 m2 of Data Centre raised floor space and 908 MW of DCCP, and 113 Data Centre Providers.

ii) Average Data Centre Pricing varies by geographical cluster, with the lowest cost facilities to be found in Germany, with average rack space as low as Euro €669 per month.

iii) Although the main Data Centre business models vary by each Country Market, with the most common being either the Specialized Data Centre Provider or the Telecoms Based Data Centre Provider.

iv) With the partial exception of France and the Netherlands, there is fragmentation of Data Centre capacity, with significant clusters appearing outside the London/M25 area and the Frankfurt areas.

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