New Gen Enterprise Is Already On Open Source: CTO, Quest Informatics

Open source software is definitely gaining grounds in enterprise, however, there are hurdles for organizations --such as migration of data, redefining security process, to bet on it.

How you are leveraging open source software for business gains? Yes, we are on open source (partially though). We started with Microsoft platform, and now we're slowly moving towards open source.  We have heavily used open source Java Script libraries in our development such as JQuery, JQGrid, JQplot, etc.  We use Android for mobile version of the product. We leverage open source technology to make our products and services financially viable, competitive and flexible enough to adopt changes in future.

Do you think enterprise adoption of open source is on the rise? Initially, adoption of open source was very limited because of following reasons:
  1. Lack of Security
  2. Lack of Support
  3. Lack of Rapid development tools
Many of the popular open source products have overcome  these issues recently. Moreover, these products are supported by a development community with hands-on expertise. In fact, many open source products such as MongoDB , Nodejs  are far ahead of the propriety products. New generation enterprise is already with open source and traditional enterprises have started putting their hands on it.  It’s just a matter of time, you can’t resist longer if there are lot many tangible benefit of open source. Where does Open source fit  in the enterprise digital transformation drive? Open source technologies fit in most of the areas of digital transformation. The best fit areas are Internet of Things (IoT),  mobility , big data, social media, analytics, customer experience, customer service & resource management . What are the top challenges Indian businesses face to embrace open source technologies? Even though open source is proven better than proprietary technologies in many areas, but there is a huge risk of migration and transformation from established process to a totally new environment. Decision makers are afraid of shaking the base. Therefore, they are adopting only peripherals to safeguard their interests and position. The uphill task is migration of data, rolling out environment changes, redefining security process, training technical resources and awareness to end users. You May Also Like... Why WalmartLabs Turned to Open Source  


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