New Android Trojan masquerades Google Play Store App

Researchers note that the trojan is having almost all the access from the installed Android device

Researchers at Cisco Talos has discovered a new trojan that labels "Google Play Marketplace" and icon is looking same as Google play store app.

The researchers note that the trojan is having almost all the access from the installed Android device. It has capability to load plugins from another sources and injects the new .NET code in the device.

Every Mobile Users should be aware of these kind of issues. This Trojan load the Malicious Scripts at the run time and give reverse connection to the attacker. When it activated, the trojan starts executing the multiple tasks will try to establish a connection to the attacker by its own commands.

This is done by requesting all privileges on the device and ask to the user to allow the trojan in device setting. Cisco Talos researchers say that the trojan seems to be in the final stages of testing. This trojan is using the Xamarin environment for mobile applications. The main DLL with the name "Reznov.DLL." and it has one root class called "eClient," which is main class of the Trojan. The second DLL called 'eCommon.DLL, the "eCommon" file contains support code and structures. Its code is platform independent.

Manish Kumawat, director at Cryptus Cyber Security Pvt Ltd, said:  "A new android mobile trojan has discovered that masquerades the Google Play Store app, when the Trojan installed in the android device its name will be shown ‘Google Play Marketplace’ and icon is looking same as Google Play Store.

"Almost all Mobile Trojans can access users confidential information from the android device like users geo locations, key strokes, stored credit card details in the browsers, phone calls recording, and many more. On internet there are millions of websites which are having trojans in their website to infect users mobile device so that they can access confidential informations. Users should not visit malicious website on the Internet."

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