New Analytics Tool to Enhance IT Service Delivery Capabilities

Analytics Plus, which comes at an annual subscription cost of $1,995, saves organizations up to 50 percent in total costs compared to leading IT analytics tools, says Sridhar Iyengar, Vice President, ManageEngine.

Over the last decade, IT systems and processes globally have reached a point of maturity at which we now have tools and processes for IT. However, the IT systems and IT tools are very often disparate and operate in silos. This also applies to the data they generate, and that makes it difficult to correlate data from multiple systems and derive insights required for troubleshooting, trend forecasting, or IT planning. With organizations seeking new ways to improve IT service delivery and efficiency via better ITSM processes, the only way to identify process inefficiencies is to analyze data from service desk tools through advanced analytics tools. There are solutions that help analyze all such data, but they typically are complicated, require too much expert customization or are too time-consuming and expensive. ManageEngine, the IT management company, announced its entry into the self-service IT analytics market with the launch of Analytics Plus. Designed for mid- to large-size organizations that want to draw insights from their IT data, Analytics Plus integrates easily with various data sources and tools, analyzes vast data volumes and presents findings with rich visualizations. “Most companies want the IT analytics payoff, but few want to pay the steep IT analytics price,” said Sridhar Iyengar, Vice President, ManageEngine. “We’re uniquely positioned to drive the widespread adoption of this powerful technology,” he adds. Available today, Analytics Plus for ITSM supports integration with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus to deliver out-of-the-box ITSM analytics that can help organizations using ServiceDesk Plus improve their IT service delivery capabilities. Analytics Plus functionality is available as a cloud service via Zoho Reports. Key features Analytics Plus can be installed and configured, and visualizations can be created in a matter of minutes. This lets users do cross-data analytics and offers a 'look up' model to merge different data sets using common fields. It provides pre-built analytical functions and an Excel-like formula engine with an extensive library of mathematical and statistical functions. Users can create reports and dashboards that include charts, widgets, KPI metrics, pivot tables, and tabular view components. The dashboards let users visually slice and dice data, drill down into details, and change the appearance using different chart types and pre-defined templates. The architecture lets users analyze data from a variety of data sources such as spreadsheets, files and feeds, relational and non-relational databases, applications and Web API, providing a unified view of their entire IT. Users can securely share reports and dashboards with others to reach consensus and make group decisions quickly. Available as a mobile app for Android and iOS tablets, users can access and interact with the reports and dashboards already created, on the move. Pricing & availability Currently in beta, the solution is licensed based on the number of users accessing it and is available in two editions. The Personal edition is free to use, whereas the Professional edition starts at an annual subscription cost of $1,995 per year, which includes two users and comes with a 30-day, free trial. Additional users are priced under $200 per user per year. Perpetual buyout license and OEM white-labeling options are also available.


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