New AI Marketing Technology Assesses Human Reactions Instantly LIVE

Sophisticated technology can assess consumers’ instant reactions to products and campaigns LIVE providing track-able, in-depth customer insight

Human, pioneer in Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI), has developed new ground breaking software that has the ability to read consumers’ subliminal facial expressions and reactions to products and campaigns live and convert these into a range of emotions and specific characteristic traits in real time.  The innovative software is ideally placed to support in-depth marketing campaigns, customer satisfaction, feedback and experience monitoring; and is the first of its kind, taking AEI and facial recognition a step further into the dynamic realms of consumer characteristic detection.

Going deeper than simply deciphering human emotion, Human’s patent pending software goes beyond that using partial facial recognition, robust camera angles and state-of-the-art pixelated raw data to reveal typical personality traits.  Having been developed internally by world leading data scientists, Human’s technology provides advanced levels of unbiased insight to help companies track, monitor and understand customer reactions on a case-by-case basis. The highly accurate technology minimises human bias and provides a level of customer insight and intelligence previously unattainable.

Yi Xu, CEO and Founder at Human, explains: “Traditional product feedback forms often lose consumer engagement during the process.  Our software will allow businesses to assess their customers’ instinctive reactions against a specific campaign or product and in comparison to their competitors.  Being able to evaluate your target markets’ response and benefit from market segment analysis based not only on traditional criteria such as age, gender and geography but also by individual personality types will be invaluable.

"Providing track-able in-depth customer insight that detects real time emotions and characteristic traits (such as passion, honesty, happiness, sadness, anger, judgemental etc.) will be invaluable for businesses in terms of providing a clearer and more accurate response, while also minimising human bias. The software adds a cost effective dimension to the customer feedback and experience process and another layer of certainty to businesses with supporting data.”

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