Netwrix Global Study Finds Rapid Cloud Adoption by Government Lacks Security

If approached correctly, the cloud can deliver great security benefits

Cybersecurity firm Netwrix released a report, which found that 74 percent of government departments worldwide plan to move more data to the cloud, but only 13 percent feel that it has improved their security.

James Brown, EMEA VP at Alert Logic, said: "As you move to the cloud, the security outcomes you need don’t change; however the way you get there does. If approached correctly, the cloud can deliver great security benefits, but if you use your existing tools and processes for security, you can actually reduce the levels of security when moving to the cloud; this seems to be reflected in the report.

"One of the biggest difficulties for security professionals is the speed of change that can be achieved in the cloud, and often a breakdown in the traditional processes or new tools that are use to enact that change.  In the traditional world, to expose data in a file share to the open internet would require multiple teams, multiple approvals, and would have to happen over a number of weeks.  

"In the cloud, that change can be pushed out by a developer in a matter of seconds if the correct checks and balances are not in place.  With this great agility and power of the cloud, comes great responsibility.  Just as it is easy for a developer to make data public in the cloud, it is just as easy to write checks to stop it happening.  However, the security world is lagging behind.  The greater benefits for security lie in automating the checks and balances that traditionally were done with checklists and procedures."

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