NetApp on Predictions for 2019

Data is being used to build fruitful predictions across industries

Anil Valluri, president, NetApp India & SAARC.

The New Year brings new opportunities. 2018 saw the data explosion and it is to continue, to remain competitive each enterprise are undergoing digital transformation. Data is being used to build fruitful predictions across industries, and truly becoming a source of revenue and disruptive innovation.  With 2019, organizations are now deploying technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud to gather insights.

NetApp has some predictions for the coming year from Anil Valluri, president, NetApp India & SAARC.

Predictions 2019
* Cloud will bolster AI development: Organizations are expected to increasingly deploy cloud-based AI software and service tools in 2019, to ensure that AI applications deliver high performance and scalability, both on and off premises, and support multiple data access protocols and varied new data formats.

* Edge devices will get smarter: To take advantage of the resulting data deluge, organizations will need the ability to process data at the edge to quickly gain insights and make real-time decisions.

* Hybrid, multi-cloud will be the default IT architecture for most larger organizations while others will choose the simplicity and consistency of a single cloud provider.

* Data services will be invisible, and apps no longer need to move since the rise of containers will result in the trend toward abstraction of individual systems and services, it will drive IT architects to design for data and data processing and to build hybrid, multi-cloud data fabrics rather than just data centers.

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