Nanotechnology: The precision of future

How nanotechnology has made a way in advancing the future in every aspect

The precision of today’s technology and to find the basic function of the nature’s work is called nanotechnology. The quantum mechanics is affected at the quantum realm scale. According to the National Nanotechnology Initiative, they have come up with the size of how small nano is, nanometer is one-billionth of a meter US has invested $3.7 billion using its National Nanotechnology Initiative, European Union has invested $1.2 billion .

It has been more than 20 years since there has been research going on in the field of nanotechnology. This concept had its being in the year 1959 by Richard Feynman. There has been seen some unexpected ways in which this type of technology can help us. They concept has also expanded in many spheres including surface science, chemistry, agriculture, biology and many more.

Nanotech is trying to capture as may field as possible like:

  • Medical- The advancement is seen in the field of drugs, such small molecules are being discovered that can reach the harmed cell directly without any flaw. A new drug is being made with three active ingredients to control the release of these active ingredients from the drug. Nanoparticles, artificial DNA and hydrogels are put together in a way which can hit the place affected in the human body. This information is received by the Technical University of Munich (TUM). 
    • Electronics- Nanotech is used to how to reduce the size and the weight of the devices and give a powerful working experience. New dense memory chips are being made of one terabyte. The size of the transistors has been reduced, today the size has come down to the palm of a person’s hand.
      • Space- In the astro department the nanotechnology is used to make lightweight space crafts and space elevators so that it can be made easy to send materials into the Earth’s orbit. More advancement in the making of nanorobots have improved the working of spacecrafts, spacesuits and other equipments used to explore different parts of space. 
        • Chemical sensors- The detection of any chemical substances in the atmosphere has made it easy to detect the chemical vapors. These detectors are the nanotechnology sensors which sense the low concentration of the chemical matter.
          • Cleaner water- the quality of water is degrading day by day so nanotechnology has made a solution to remove the waste from water. Nanoparticles can used to remove the contamination from the water with the help of chemicals. 
            • Energy applications- Nanotechnology is used to extract energy form the limited available sources of oils and gases. In solar generation of electricity, the technology is used in solar panels. They are cheaper to manufacture and easier to install. 

In future the nanotechnology promises to cover ever aspect developing multifunctional materials. Nanotechnology can reduce the human working on top machines. 

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