NEC India Inaugrated Smart City Solutions

NEC India inaugurated the latest smart city solutions setting the stage for global expansion.

Photo Credit : NEC,

Latest solutions by NEC

NEC Corporation India, part of NEC, has unveiled upgraded tech solutions in the Global Smart City Suite. These enhancements aim to make management and decision-making smoother, ensuring seamless operations for organisations and authorities, and providing better experiences for citizens and businesses. It includes NEC Mi-Command (Integrated Command and Control Centre), NEC Mi-City (Citizen Engagement Portal), NEC Mi-Eye (Intelligent Video Analytics), and NEC Mi-WareSync (Warehouse Management System).

NEC Mi-Command unifies city operations with alerts, live dashboards, and analytics. Secure and customisable for efficient smart city management. 

NEC Mi-City simplifies citizen-government interaction with a user-friendly portal. Easy access to services, permits, and policy information fosters transparency.

NEC Mi-Eye is an AI-driven platform for real-time security and operational insights. Includes PPE detection, intrusion alerts, and vehicle recognition, enabling data-driven decisions.

NEC Mi-WareSync is a cloud-based logistics innovation that optimises inventory and workflows and reduces costs across industries.

“These solutions aim to provide transparency and visibility for efficient management and decision-making, ensuring seamless operations among organisations and authorities, and offering enhanced experiences for citizens, businesses, and communities,” the company said. 

 “NEC has played a pivotal role in shaping India's digital and social infrastructure, particularly in public safety, smart cities, logistics, transportation, and more. These differentiated intellectual properties will be a big step towards future-proofing our societies through smarter governance and empowering citizens in this digital era,“ said Aalok Kumar, Corporate Officer and Senior VP, Head of Global Smart City Business, NEC Corporation, and President & CEO, NEC Corporation India.



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