Mumbaikars cheer for Mumbai Indians with home deliveries: Swiggy

Overall orders for delivery jumped an average of 26 percent when the home team played, compared to a regular weekday


As Mumbai Indians consolidate their position in the top four teams this IPL 2017, fans don’t want to miss a single moment cheering their home team. More and more Mumbaikars are using Swiggy to order their meal when the game is on, especially, when the Mumbai Indians come out to play. 

On an average, order volumes saw a 26 percent  increase on weekdays MI was on the field, compared to a regular non-IPL weekday, according to order analysis by Swiggy, India’s leading food ordering and delivery platform.

Srivats TS, VP,  Marketing, Swiggy, said: “Home delivery orders are progressively increasing this IPL season. We Indians love our cricket, and with the IPL on weekdays we just want to enjoy the match without stressing about what to eat. 

"On an average, when the home team is playing, orders are around 1.03 times higher than when other teams are playing. Mumbaikars are 30 percent likely to order more items per order on a weekday when MI is playing compared to a regular weekday. As we know, cricket is best enjoyed with company, they’re perhaps sharing meals while watching the matches together.”

Swiggy has introduced the Food Premier League with a collection of the choicest restaurants in the city, offering seamless food ordering experience to Mumbaikars this summer. Many city-based restaurants are running their own campaigns and offering discounts on Swiggy to join the cricket passion.

Chicken biryani continues to be the go-to main course even during IPL, with other top ordered dishes being pav bhaji, samosa, pizza, burgers, kebabs and fries. In previous surveys, Swiggy found that Indian cuisines rule the roost, but food preferences during IPL seem to include a lot more of finger foods and shareable dishes.

Pizza orders increased by around 43 percent when Mumbai Indians came out to play, compared to a regular weekday. Quick bites like French fries and kebabs also saw an increase in orders at 10 percent and 28 percent on weekdays when MI was on the field. 

Samosa emerged as the favourite snack as it saw a 31 percent increase in orders compared to regular weekdays. Fries were 10 percent more compared to a regular weekday, and kababs were 28 percent more compared to a regular weekday. 

In terms of locations, Bandra West, followed by Powai, Andheri West, Lower Parel and Andheri East round up the top five areas to place highest orders on Swiggy this IPL 2017.

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