Mobile Embrace Launches AddGlu for Marketers

Predictive customer acquisition platform for digital performance marketing

Mobile Embrace Ltd announced the launch of AddGlu for Marketers (AddGlu), its Predictive Customer Acquisition Platform that represents another step in the Company scaling up its Digital Performance Marketing operations.

MBE continues to increase its focus on the innovation, investment and development of the Performance Marketing division and is progressing a robust product and technology roadmap, with AddGlu being a key component of this.

AddGlu is the result of the progressive development and evolution of Vizmond Media’s marketing automation technology platform, which was secured when MBE acquired Vizmond Media in August 2015.

The investment in the expansion and enhancement of the technology’s features and functionality has resulted in a powerful and highly scalable predictive people based marketing platform that increases the company’s competitive strength and further enhances the company’s capacity to deliver more organic revenue growth.

AddGlu, through its technical sophistication, captures ‘consented’ information, willingly given by the consumer (permissioned first-party data) and presents to the individual consumer product/service offers of high personal relevance and value (people-based marketing).

The consumer is then given the ability to seamlessly engage with that offering. For marketers, this delivers a positive brand experience and a more engaged and in control consumer, that has a higher propensity to convert into a customer.

Marketers have growing concerns on the increasing complexity and effectiveness of their digital marketing spend. AddGlu enables a stronger RoI from marketing spend and it can improve the cost of sales by reducing the time and resources spent on consumer leads that do not convert to sales.

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