Mobile Device Cloud Redefining Mobile Testing for Enterprises

Need for a cloud mobile lab infrastructure for collaboration among teams and investment on test automation, the key product of SSTS Inc. and one of the largest cloud platforms to test mobile apps on real devices, and Hexaware Technologies, the fastest growing automation-led providers of IT, BPO and consulting services company, jointly unveiled a whitepaper on the challenges faced by modern enterprises in mobile app testing space and mobile device cloud as a solution to address the challenges.

The report finds out how mobile device cloud can help enterprises overcome the challenges such as the increase in device fragmentation, demand for faster delivery to market, vast diversity in mobile platforms and operating system, and a huge number of mobile network operators, etc.

With the mobile apps ecosystem growing exponentially with time, enterprises are struggling to form a comprehensive mobile app test strategy that can reduce the cost and enhance the quality of the app with an accelerated time to market.

In this context, the pCloudy-Hexaware report identified many other challenges faced by enterprises in mobile app testing, some of which include the requirement of real-life field testing, data security, need of real devices at each stage of mobile app development lifecycle, optimization of test infrastructure for geographically dispersed teams and continuous testing for faster release.

The report studies several pre-requisites for the right solutions that can be used across various sectors for continuous integration and delivery by constantly integrating changes to an app at all stages of the delivery chain. Any such solutions should include testing on real devices, a cloud mobile lab infrastructure for collaboration among teams and investment on test automation.

However, for integrating changes at each stage of app testing, cost-effectiveness, need for continuous and faster delivery and a comprehensive test coverage, mobile device cloud is the only solution which can serve as a single point solution for mobile teams.

Avinash Tiwari, co-founder and director, pCloudy, said: “Our report highlights the huge potential of mobile device cloud in streamlining the test processes to keep pace with the market and technology trends and stay competitive by getting high-quality mobile apps into the users' hands at a faster note. We have also focused on how large organizations can pick and choose the suitable cloud model to carry out their app testing tasks across global office locations leveraging the suitable MDC option.

“Mobile device cloud has transformed the app testing and can help large enterprises to reduce cycle times, improve the quality of apps and get the mobile app testing framework in order. With different models suitably created to meet organizational needs, it encourages collaboration and improves DevOps efficiencies for continuous integration and makes it easy to test on a wide variety of devices.”


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