Mastek Focuses On Doubling Engineering Jobs In India By 2021

Claiming to be a pioneer in fulfilling tier-1 digital customer demands, Mastek sees a broader vision with regards to employment opportunities for Indian engineers. According to their CEO, John Owen the organization aims to create jobs and companies by empowering talent through their platforms focusing heavily on digital.

Digital is going to create some big companies and new winners according to John Owen, Global CEO, Mastek. With an experience of 35 years in the industry, he believes his career was being built whenever there was a market discontinuity. Systems at that time evolved from analogue to digital, voice to data systems, copper to fibre transportation, fixed line telecoms to mobile telecoms and now finally the industry went into a paradigm shift from hardware to software services. In a digital world, the contract durations last upto 6 months and consumers with their smartphones expect the same interface as their computer with regards to e-commerce and e-retail platforms. 

He spoke of used cases about companies like Amazon now exceeding in e-retail entering into groceries, music, video content, telecom space with their AWS (Amazon Web Services) and are expanding further digitally into healthcare. This new trend has also entrusted consumers to buy expensive products like Tesla cars online. The legacy IT supplies where India is dominating in the world are going to struggle to become more empowered due to cannibalizing on revenue streams according to John. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics etc. are going to make a lot of Indians unemployed in the coming decade.

“We, at Mastek, with the help of our engineers, architects, and values take benefit of the productivity and create jobs where we haven’t even analysed the future especially in robotics and automation and that is the platform that we would like to share with the community. We have been pioneers in the IT services industry and this is a knowledge-based economy. If engineers join Mastek they would immediately join our digital programs from day 1 because that is where we spend 80% of our revenues. The winners in digital will not necessarily come from large companies today because they have management challenges and the decision making has to be from the edge of the company than the center. It is worrying when you look down at the barrel of technology and the disruptions that come along the way but it also helps a person in updating his/her skills. These engineers with an eagerness to learn and grow will find employment opportunities throughout their life and my job at Mastek is to turn it into the most attractive organization in the world”.

Further to the conversation, John Owen discussed Mastek’s vision 2020 where their infrastructure does not operate on legacy IT but only on digital programs as they feel they excel in providing those services to their customers. Working with the government of the U.K., Fortune 100 companies, Fortune 500 companies led to a value generation to the organization’s Tier 1 customers simultaneously while also being a partner in digital. 

“While observing the ‘Digital India’ objective and ‘Make In India’ we have confidence in bringing in many capable engineers from the company to Mastek where they can work with some of our most demanding customers and in 10 years’ time they could be capable in starting their own companies. We just got to be relevant to them and they can deliver a portfolio of experience. Hopefully, I could stimulate more than 1000 jobs that we have in the last 2 years. Our plans in the next 2 years are to double our workforces again creating more than 2000 job opportunities again. The employment we create is high-valued along with generating GDP value & tax revenue. The talent is already here and we only have to guide them in the right direction”, said John Owen while providing a perspective on the Indian market and digital scenario. 

Towards the end of the discussion, John highlighted the availability of creative engineers who possess the will to exceed in a digitized economy backed by a brilliant education system. Mastek is delving into combining digital experiences with user experiences into all their customers which is going to be more disruptive than traditional IT.

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