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It gives you an edge over the others as it helps you nurture your client relationships through every sales stage


SalezShark  is the next generation platform for sales, founded in the year 2014, by a team of passionate experts dedicated to transform the CRM space. SalezShark aims at nurturing your connections with a belief that strong business relationships are the key to increased sales. 

SalezShark gives you an edge over the others as it helps you nurture your client relationships through every sales stage. Its unique Relationship Cloud enables you to truly understand your customers, enabling you to deliver tailored services and meet organizational goals in much lesser time. 

SalezShark empowers you to improve your sales and marketing processes by providing you with intelligent tools that help you save time and increase the productivity. Its intuitive technology is designed to manage and organize data for your sales professionals, with tools to generate performance reports and project analysis summaries. 

Pradeep Chakraborty caught up with Ajay Chauhan, co-founder SalezShark, to find out more. Excerpts:

BW: How can business be successfully within the framework of a customer-centric strategy?

Ajay Chauhan: At the heart, everything an organization does, should be an all-encompassing consideration of its customers. Your success starts with knowing your buyer better and creating an optimal experience for them. A CRM, by providing deep customer insights, helps you align the marketing mix to target the customers’ wants and eventually maximize client satisfaction in turn.

A happy customer will not only make repeat purchases but will also promote your brand through word of mouth. If a company is aligned with the sole purpose of creating a successful positive experience for them, the customer will, in turn, champion its success for sure.

BW: How is CRM a powerful tool to better engage salespeople with customers?

Ajay Chauhan: The core purpose of CRM is to support customer engagement for the best possible customer experience. SalezShark offers innovative CRM solutions that deliver sales and marketing analytics – a key discipline for modern marketers.

With the introduction of artificial intelligence into the core of our CRM tool, we help businesses to garner valuable customer insights, enabling teams to successfully deliver a personalized experience for their customers. 

Additionally, with the help of our CRM, you can easily upload customer data and also find all the customer interactions all at one place; you can not only accurately quantify and categorize data for easy future reference, but also make that data available across departments.

BW: What are the future plans of SalezShark for its clients?

Ajay Chauhan: With a vision of transforming the way a business sells and maintains its customer base, we are continuously striving to identify and address customer needs more effectively. We intend to maintain the trajectory and will be releasing new tools to augment client-company relationships in the near future.

BW: Finally, what is the future of CRM in Indian business?

Ajay Chauhan: The maturity and adoption of CRM in India is still in its nascent stages and there area lot of unexplored opportunities to enhance customer experience.  

In India, the CRM market is witnessing a steady growth.Owing to the skyrocketing adoption of mobile devices, India is a promising market for mobile CRM. 

Analysts say that the spending on CRM is $1.5 billion more than ERP. Hence, in the coming years, with the advancement in the technology and evolution of CRM, the consumer will easily become the center of the universe.

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