Major Gap Between Digital Aspirations and Digital Performance

Frequent, critical digital failures holding Indian organizations’ digital strategies back

Riverbed announced the results of the Riverbed Digital Performance Global Survey 2018, which found that nearly all (99 percent) of business decision makers agree that optimizing digital performance is essential to business performance, and 98 percent agree (55 percent strongly agree) that digital, including the delivery of digital services and applications, is critical to the future of their business.

However, 97 percent of these same business decision makers say that major barriers – including budget constraints, legacy networks and lack of visibility – are holding them back from advancing digital strategies and delivering the performance and customer experience required in today’s digital world.

The global survey includes responses from 1,000 business decision makers, including India, at companies with $500 million or more in revenue across nine countries. It found that while digital services and applications are critical to future business success, nearly two thirds (66 percent) of the respondents reported that critical digital services and applications are failing at least a few times a month.

“This survey underscores the tremendous opportunity that maximizing digital performance can have on the user experience and bottom line, while simultaneously highlighting the real challenges companies face today,” said Bjorn Engelhardt, senior VP, Asia Pacific & Japan at Riverbed Technology.

“The findings reinforce that forward-thinking companies in India are well-positioned to lead their industries in the race towards digital transformation by prioritizing investments in modernizing their networks and tools to measure and manage the digital experience for their customers and employees. Those who hesitate to embrace digital strategies and processes will quickly fall by the wayside, and those who drive digital performance will see significant business outcomes.”  

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