Magnet 360 Announces ConsumerConnect 360

It is a Salesforce Fullforce solution for consumer goods brands

Magnet 360, a Mindtree company, announced the release of ConsumerConnect 360—a Salesforce Fullforce solution accelerator for consumer goods brands.

Today, everyone and everything is becoming smarter and more connected than ever before. To help customers succeed, Magnet 360’s Salesforce Fullforce Solution Accelerator provides faster and more predictable deployments for CG customers, and gives them the ability to transform their traditional marketing, sales, and service functions into a multi-channel, customer-centric platform.

Technology disruptions including mobile have changed the way consumers research, purchase, experience, and interact with brands. Their experience with a consumer goods brand goes beyond seeing a message, completing a transaction or using the product.

Brands and their retail partners must be able to fulfill orders across as many channels as possible in addition to predicting and responding to consumer desires for "anywhere" purchasing and fulfillment.

Digital transformation is necessary for a consumer goods brand to slice through the noise of today's thriving global marketplace and directly engage with end consumers. Consumer goods firms must shift to a responsive, proactive, collaborative, experiential brand.

This is precisely what ConsumerConnect 360 is designed to do. It can be deployed quickly with Magnet 360's expertise in Salesforce solutions allowing consumer goods brands to experience shorter stand-up time, reduced expense, and greater speed to value.

ConsumerConnect 360 leverages the combined power of the Salesforce Platform to create a unified digital experience. This combined power enables a brand to nurture consumers as they evaluate product options with detailed information and social engagement. Scalable, cutting-edge customer service becomes possible with features allowing customers to open a case, engage in self-service, or search for a socially-connected community solution, all of which drive engagement and retention.

Additionally, geolocation functionality delivers location-based products and drives geo-specific engagement. Personalized customer experiences can be further enhanced by creating content-focused digital journeys. Engagement data can be used to identify additional touch points, create cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and drive customer loyalty.


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