MYCOM OSI launches Cloud Native Platform for Telco Cloud Assurance

Unlocks simplification, agility, automation and new subscription-based business models

MYCOM OSI, the leading independent provider of Assurance, Automation and Analytics solutions to the world’s largest Communications Service Providers (CSPs), today announced a next generation, cloud native platform as part of its enhanced Experience Assurance and Analytics (EAA) suite of applications to achieve agile, simplified and automated network operations. An innovation in the telecom assurance industry, the platform will be available through a subscription model that improves CSP agility and accelerates new service launches.

A highly scalable, reliable and agile telco cloud, in which NFV and SDN architectures use state-of-the-art IT cloud technology, is critical in enabling CSPs to become digital service providers (DSPs) and profit from increased customer experience, agility and cost reductions as well as taking advantage of the latest digital services, IoT and 5G opportunities. Even without NFV/SDN, CSPs gain significant benefits from automated network operations running on IT cloud technology.

MYCOM OSI’s EAA optimizes network and service quality of hybrid (physical and virtual) networks by pre-integrating real-time assurance data and management functions (service quality management, performance management and fault management) with automation and analytics that are driven by AI/Machine Learning.

In addition, EAA provides an assurance-driven, closed loop network automation that directs orchestrators in virtual networks and configuration management in physical networks to make changes that optimize end-to-end network and service quality.

Already implemented in the world’s first telco cloud deployment and at one of the top five largest CSPs globally, MYCOM OSI’s new cloud native platform underpins all of EAA applications and provides cloud benefits such as infrastructure independence, agile deployment, elastic scaling and high availability, as well as common services for EAA applications such as a unified network inventory and dynamic topology, integration with big data frameworks and open APIs.

It uses a microservices architecture, containers, cloud technology and DevOps methodology to enable agile deployment on private and public clouds, and reduces system deployment and operations by over 75 percent vs. traditional assurance systems.

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