MIMIR Blockchain Solutions Announces Blockchain Push Notification Offering

These push notifications will be compatible with most browsers and mobile devices

Decentralized Ethereum Service Provider (DESP), MIMIR Blockchain Solutions has announced a first iteration of its Proof-of-Concept service offering called Eth-Watch. Eth-Watch, a service pointed at the public Ethereum main net, will allow consumers the ability to instantly receive mobile and/or desktop push notifications any time a transaction they have interest in is written into the blockchain or mined to or from their accounts.

These push notifications will be compatible with most browsers and mobile devices. Unfortunately, the current version of Eth-Watch is not compatible with iOS. However, future iterations of the Eth-Watch offering will be iOS ready.

MIMIR Blockchain Solutions is offering Eth-Watch as a free proof of concept service to consumers. Nicolas Fierro, CEO of MIMIR Blockchain Solutions and a former Ethereum Foundation developer said, "We plan to provide programmatic API's that will allow other Decentralized Applications (Dapps) and their developers to seamlessly integrate this new push notification functionality within their own products and services.

This product is still in its early days but it's our hope this service will add more convenience and accessibility to existing blockchain services, as well as ones we have yet to envision. Because this product is under continuous development and testing, we are recommending not to use Eth-Watch for any mission-critical applications at this time."


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