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Internet of Things (IoT) helps devices represent them digitally and they can be controlled from anywhere.

Internet of Things
Internet of Things

From being dependent on smart televisions to driverless vehicles, the Internet of Things (IoT) is being sipped by every sector. Because of the growing dependency on the internet, its connectivity into the physical devices and everyday objects are being hyped nowadays.

Internet of things is a giant network of connecting things and people which includes smart microwave, self-driving cars, wearable devices, etc. The embedded technology in the objects interacts with the internal data or external environment which in turn affects the decision made by the digital object. 

IoT helps the organisation by reducing their cost through improved process efficiency with improved tracking of the objects which use sensors and connectivity to benefit them from real-time insight and analytics which will make a smarter decision. 

Even in our daily lifestyle, we tend to use IoT in our daily life without knowing that we are actually using it. Some of the IoT based applications are: 

Washing machine: Many machines like a whirlpool, Samsung, Haier uses IoT, it is connected with the internet in order to wash clothes, it has a timer set within which ensures that appropriate time is given in each process of washing.

Televisions: Nowadays many televisions are using the internet in order to let its viewers watch broadcasted as well as internet-based programs. 

Parking: Parking is a major issue while we are traveling to any market, mall or hotel. With the help of IoT or ParkNET, the security officials keep a track on the parking availability in real time. 

Bathroom: Brands like Kohler, uses modern technology into their products which makes the routine practices easier. 

Light control: Philips hue lets you control the light hue in whatever sort you want. This can be done by connecting smart light to your smartphone. The interface lets you choose from a wide range of colors and type of light to suit your occasion. 

Wearables: Just like smart tv, wearables are a hot topic among IoT. Every year consumers wait for the release of the Apple smartwatch. Other than that, many other brands like MI, Sony, Fitbit, Nike, Microsoft, etc. making our lives easier.

Automated checkout: Automated checkout is one of the most commonly used forms of IoT. While traveling in the metro we find automated checkouts, we also find it in the parking area, in office and also in toll gates we find automated checkouts. 

The extent of IoT technology doesn't end here, and there are many more applications of IoT. As it continues to evolve and develop further in our daily lives.

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