Lessons for CIOs from Chennai Floods

The Chennai crisis has forced CIOs to take the traditional BCP and DR strategies to the next level

The unprecedented floods in Chennai have had a phenomenal financial impact on the economy. Among the worst hit has been the auto industry. As Chennai contributes 25 percent to the annual automobile production in the country, the impact will be clearly felt at the national level. The quantum of the loss incurred by the unorganized sector could be even more. As the flood waters slowly recede, there are, nonetheless, several important lessons to be learnt. Technology is today the backbone for any corporate, and any negative impact on it is bound to adversely affect business. It is, therefore, imperative for CIOs to be fully prepared to meet any such eventuality in the future. As N Jayantha Prabhu, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Essar Group, says,


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