LeaseWeb Opens New Data Centers in the United Kingdom and Australia

This is in response to customer demand for local cloud infrastructure

LeaseWeb announced the expansion of its cloud services offering to the United Kingdom and Australia through the opening of new datacenter facilities in London and Sydney.

With this expansion, LeaseWeb now offers customers cloud services on four continents in locations across Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. The opening of the new data centers is in accordance with LeaseWeb's global expansion plans.

Businesses increasingly require a hybrid cloud service partner to host all their data across the globe. As a global partner, LeaseWeb serves as a single point of contact, offers compliance with local requirements, and can 'speak the local language'. LeaseWeb's expansion to the United Kingdom and Australia was driven by three factors, ongoing growth, change in international markets, and the belief that expansion should be driven by customer requirements.

Both the UK and Australia are large markets for cloud services that are predicted to have significant growth over the coming years. Beyond this, LeaseWeb sees a trend where UK based companies are looking to partner with a global cloud provider capable of serving their customers both in and outside the United Kingdom, particularly as the political landscape continues to unfold around issues related to Brexit. Similarly, many EU based customers are looking to have a footprint in the UK to better reach local customers.

Two customers who LeaseWeb has worked closely with in developing its expansion plans are TOPdesk and Acronis. TOPdesk, a Netherlands based international software and consulting company, wanted to expand its business in the United Kingdom and turned to LeaseWeb, their hosting provider since 2001 to help them make it possible.

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