LG Launches 59 RAC Models

The innovative technology used in the new range of air conditioners is called the Dual Inverter ACs

LG Electronics India, announced the launch of its new range of ACs for summer 2018.

The new lineup includes 59 new inverter AC Split models, which are 100 percent ISEER compliant, along with the launch of the first window inverter air conditioner. The new range will have spectacular new features and stylish designs to woo the Indian consumers.

LG was the first one to comply with Government’s mandated ISEER Ratings (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) that have become compulsory from January 2018.Because of LG’s pioneering role, the overall Inverter AC market showed a remarkable growth from a total 12  share to a commendable 31 percent between 2016-17. Moreover, LG’s Inverter AC market share increased from 19 percent to 53 percent.

Kim Ki Wan, MD, LG Electronics India, said: “In our endeavour to offer the best to Indian consumer and addressing the growing demand for energy efficiency at the same time, LG has gone a step ahead, by introducing air conditioners with dual inverter technology.  Last year, we have witnessed a successful transition of AC line up from regular to inverter range.

"Today, we are launching an enhanced range of Dual inverter ACs with new features like 100 percent copper with Ocean black protection which increases product durability along with R-410 green refrigerant gas that is environment-friendly. With the launch of this new range we will further strengthen our market leadership in Inverter AC segment."

The innovative technology used in the new range of air conditioners is called the Dual Inverter ACs. It has a dual rotary compressor with twin rotors which results in faster cooling, high energy savings, greater stability and low operational noise. It saves up to 50 percent of running cost annually.

It comes with a stabilizer-free technology to reduce the running cost while being aesthetically pleasing. These have been developed using breakthrough technology and design features to cool the surroundings to perfection, while being environment- friendly.

Some of the key features of the new AC range:
* 100 percent copper with Ocean Black Protection that prevent rusting and Corrosion on coil, gas leakage, thereby resulting in durability and longevity.
* Equipped with Gold Fin Condenser which increase its life and durability.
* Low refrigerant detection which detects the low refrigerant level, notify the user and shut down the system.
* Usage of the R-410 green refrigerant gas that is environment-friendly.
* First-of-its-kind to offer WiFi technology, making it an appliance suited to today’s fast paced and connected life.
* Stabilizer-free operations, which helps consumer to save approximately Rs 2,500/-, but also enhance the aesthetic of rooms.
* Cools up to 52 degrees Celsius.
* The range comes with a 10-year warranty on the compressor, including gas charging.

The Split ACs are available in capacities of 1-2 ton priced at Rs 40,990 to Rs 69,990. The Window ACs are available in capacities of 1-1.5 ton priced at Rs 27,990 to Rs 44,990.

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