It’s the time to click smart

AI, rapidly becoming a hype in the field of photography, is making cameras smarter than they are today!

After the emergence of smartphones, there is a need for smart cameras as well. AI is everywhere and if you still haven’t got your AI-powered camera, you will get it soon. People’s inspiration to have AI-powered phones and cameras will be soon fulfilled which will also be a true blessing for the new generation. 

AI photography, also known as computational photography is a digital image processing technique that uses algorithms to replace optical processes, and it seeks to improve image quality by using machine vision to identify the content of the image. 

After SIRI, Google Now, Alexa, now we will gain a broader experience by the emergence of smart and action cameras. In 2015, Google launched Google photos, which showed us how powerful photos can be when AI is merged with photography. With the help of Google photos, we were able to find old photos, as well as we were able to organize our disorganized photo library. 

Google photos have made our lives easier by identifying individuals in photos and creating allotted folders. With this advancement, there has been seen a drastic change in the photo gallery, wherein untagged photos are transformed into a searchable database. 

AI in photography is not only for professional photographers but it can be used by anyone: beginners, amateurs and professionals.

AI is rapidly becoming a hype in the field of photography. Recently, HUAWEI P20 was launched, equipped with Leica dual camera that comprises a 20 MP monochrome sensor and a 12 MP RGB sensor. It has a smart camera or AI camera which can recognize more than 500 objects and can categorize it into 19 scenes.

Because of its over hype as it is the latest and advanced software, AI is going to do something incredible for the photographers. Being smartest cameras equipped with AI, it ensures that photographers get more time to click better photographs instead of spending the same amount of time on setting the ISO, aperture and shutter speed. 


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