It's About Time To Turn Your Datacenter Green

Every year while celebrating environment day and the Earth hour, we still underestimate the basic concept of turning our workplace green.

Global warming is one of the major problem world is facing and acting upon. Every year while celebrating environment day and the Earth hour, we still underestimate the basic concept of turning our workplace green. When it comes to IT, most of the organizations still ignore the importance of energy conservation. The contribution from every organization can help build a healthy and sustainable environment.

Here are some tips IT managers can use to turn their datacenter energy efficient and green:

Employing Air flow management Accessories along with Aisle Containment.

This practice involves physical barrier to protect the mixing of hot and cold air in the datacenter. With the combination of both a significant amount of energy can be saved and improve cooling efficiency.

Say Yes to Power Management & DCIM

We have many power management tools and software available in the market today. Enterprises need to find the best available solution for their datacenter and make use of it. With the power management companies can take advantages of its features which can help cut datacenter energy requirements by about 20%.

Data Center Infrastructure management (DCIM) can be next step to power management and along with Power & energy management, we can extend the capability to Space management, Asset & Change Management.

Examine Acquisition and hardware Lifecycle

One of the most important steps in creating your datacenter green is to catalog your acquisition and PC lifecycle practices. The average lifespan of servers and other equipment will enable consideration of the environmental impact of manufacturing the equipment. It is advisable to have a check with the manufacturer if the equipment is compatible with the green practices during new purchases. The server and equipment lifespan as a significant factor in how green a datacenter operates.

Using Environment Friendly Material While Construction

We often ignore the construction part when it comes to datacenter. While building the new the datacenter companies should opt for Environmentally-friendly materials, which are generally those which are hard, non-porous and are designed to release minimal gases and dust.

Reduction of Datacenter Footprint

The data will continue to dominate the IT industry and every day there will be a need to collect and manage an abundance of data. You will need more servers and equipment to manage this data and come up with smart infrastructure strategies. All those practices that will refine this data and help decrease the footprint will be helpful in your green mission.

Recycling the Waste Equipment’s

Companies need to ensure the proper disposal and recycling of their internal hardware components. Enterprises should return all the recyclable parts to the manufacturer or dispose of them with the help of a certified professional. This is another green strategy that has a significant impact and is easy to implement.

Lighting arrangement in the Datacenter

Enterprises should opt for the best lighting solution available for the datacenter. This can include motion activated lights which cut down on wasteful energy use and eventually help save cost for the company. Further Using White cabinets and Colored PDU will help to Reduce the Light intensity and there by Cost

Turning Off Unused or Dead Servers

Most of the companies don’t bother much about unused or dead servers. These not only take a significant amount of space in your datacenter, but also consuming power and other resources. Identifying them and replacing them could be a significant step towards cost cutting and as well energy conservation.

Energy Efficiency Turns to High Performance

The datacenter should have energy efficient equipment which translate into not only cost saving but also results in high performance, facilitating the ability to pinpoint areas of opportunity and demonstrate the effectiveness of greener strategies.

The best way to approach this problem is with awareness about green datacenters. We need to shift our datacenter towards a greener and better future. So what are you waiting for, switch to green and help contribute to the environment.


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