Iran’s missile control system got hacked by the US

The cyber attack was a response to Iran’s mine attack on oil fields in the US

US launched a cyber attack on the Irainese missile control system on 22 June 2019. It was reported that Tehran drowned a US surveillance drone due to which the US launched a spy network. The tension of war has risen between both countries.

The Washington Post reported that soon after the drowning of the US Surveillance drone, US president Donal Trump sanctioned the cyber attack on Iran. 

This attack led to the fall of the computer system that was used to control the launches of missiles and rockets. It later came to knowledge that the cyber attack was being planned for weeks. The cyber attack was the response of the mine attacks on oil tankers and Iran was said to be responsible for it. 

The US came to know about the spying groups responsible for the attacks. It was also reported by The Washington Post, there were no injuries and deaths involved.

In computer networks, any attack in attempt to exploit computer systems and computer networks is called cyber security. Cyber attackers use a code to change the computer code and data which results in disruptive consequences.

The Washington Post and AP news agency said that cyber attacks disabled the system. And The New York Times said that the attack was meant to take down the system for a short period of time.

Donald Trump said that he doesn’t want a war with Iran but he warned that the country would face obligation once Iran tried to break a conflict between them.  

Trump pulled out the attack because he was told that 150 Iranians would be killed due to the conventional strikes. On the other hand, the US Defense department has refused to confirm the reports. Donald Trump said, ”If Iran wants to become a prosperous nation... it's OK with me,". "But they're never going to do it if they think in five or six years they're going to have nuclear weapons."


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