IoT Security and Ubiquity to be discussed at oneM2M and GlobalPlatform Webinar

To discuss the importance of implementing the right security infrastructure from the outset of any new deployment

Security challenges associated with interoperability and how to overcome them to accelerate global adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) will be discussed during a oneM2M-sponsored webinar with GlobalPlatform.

François Ennesser, chairman of oneM2M Security Working Group and Standardisation Expert at Gemalto, and Gil Bernabeu, Technical Officer at GlobalPlatform, will explore the security requirements, challenges and issues that are emerging with the global roll-out and adoption of the IoT.

Ennesser and Bernabeu will explain how existing and widely deployed security solutions from both organisations can be leveraged today to address diverse security requirements in both consumer and industrial IoT implementations.

The webinar – ‘Combined strengths of oneM2M and GlobalPlatform to address IoT security’ will go on to discuss the importance of implementing the right security infrastructure from the outset of any new deployment and why such an approach is necessary to realise interoperability benefits. The webinar will also highlight the complementary nature of the two technologies, making it possible to have end-to-end security from the service provider to a trusted device protected by a GlobalPlatform secure component via a oneM2M infrastructure.

“New challenges in IoT security are constantly being uncovered and this webinar will give a unique insight into how employing established standards can ease the deployment of secure services and ensure the data that IoT applications generate is used in an authorised way,” said Ennesser. “Interoperability is essential if the IoT is to deliver true value. Learning how to achieve this while fully addressing defined security requirements is key for consumers to have confidence in the concept of the IoT.”

Bernabeu said: “From the device to the cloud, GlobalPlatform technology, the security framework of which is already deployed in 30+ billion devices, and oneM2M, which is being used in numerous IoT deployments globally, can provide a standardised solution, allowing service and device providers to leverage an existing and proven security framework. We want to help all players in the IoT ecosystem to deliver this safely and securely and this webinar will provide insight into the tools available from both organisations to achieve this outcome.”

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