Intel looks at doubling growth in gaming PC segment by 2021 in India

Intel Corporation delves deep into the nascent e-sports and gaming industry in India. They see 2 times the growth in their sales with regards to gaming PC by the year 2021.

Intel E-Sports tournament

One of the biggest E-Sports tournament across the world set foot in India. ESL One powered by Intel host the 3-day tournament from 19th April, 2019 to the 21st of the month.

While discovering untapped markets, the PC core processor organization saw demographics similar to China, Europe and the American continent. With the intent to delivering the right kind of products to the accurate audiences, Intel Corporation took a unique route in delving into the nascent gaming industry in the country.

The corporation is pumping in an investment of $100 million through their ventures like ESL and aim to shift most of the share towards evolving markets like India.

“India can be as big as Europe when it comes to E-Sports or as big as China quite soon. The demographics here are the same, there is desire in this country to be part of this segment. There is a growing middle class, some disposable income and it is emerging pretty rapidly. The gaming market hardware worldwide is growing 10-20% worldwide increasing year on year. In India we see the opportunity for doubling or tripling the size of the PC Gaming market every year. The desire is high and the sales of our technology can be doubled in 2019”, said Lee Machen, General Manager (Gaming and Virtual Reality), Intel Corporation at the ESL One tournament in Mumbai.

According to the ‘KPMG and IFSG Report – The Evolving Landscape of Sports Gaming in India’ the market is expected to grow more than fivefold by 2021. Rapid growth in digital infrastructure, viable career options and growth in investments are some of the key drivers of the gaming industry in the country.

“Part of the infrastructure is just locality at the beginning. Infrastructure for backing the technology including online retail, broadband and internet. I was in India 2 years ago and lot of massive online services were just starting up at that time. The technologies we develop are all for global use and generally when we introduce new products it is for the global audience. Intel, our customers that build PCs and local retailers need to develop confidence that there is a large gaming market here. The right local retailers are here as well and we’ve seen the confidence resonating amongst our customers”, said Frank Soqui, VP & GM (Gaming Division Virtual Reality, Gaming & E Sports), Intel Corporation while discussing the infrastructure and potential of the gaming industry.  

Although India remains a mobile first country with the availability of games internationally acclaimed like PUB-G, Intel believes that Personal Computers deliver a far better experience. The journey of a gamer is inclining towards PCs which has more advantages and Intel intends to churn professional gamers from India.

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