Innovative Data Solutions Companies on Pace to Change the World

Leverages team of data scientists and application developers to build environmental monitoring and modeling technology

The technology driving the Internet of Things (IoT) enables person-to-person, person-to-object and object-to-object connections that facilitate increased productivity, greater operational efficiency and streamlined work processes.

Adoption of cloud computing and the ability of IoT technology to reduce costs are the main driving forces behind the growth of this technology. It is estimated that by 2020 there will be over 50 billion things connected globally, and Grand View Research predicts that the industrial IoT market will grow at a CAGR of almost 28 percent to reach USD $933 billion by 2025.

Of course, this level of connectivity will generate a vast amount of data that has to be stored and processed, and Carl Data Solutions Inc. is one competitive company well-positioned to take advantage of the anticipated growth in this market.

Other companies gearing up to support IoT technology-adopting enterprises include Cisco Systems Inc., Red Hat, Baidu and Intuit.

Data-gathering sensors are critical elements in IoT systems, and the affordability of fully-automated systems improves as the price of sensors continues to fall. Automation is set to have a massive impact on our daily lives, from smart homes to smart applications within city, utility and factory infrastructures. The major challenge presented by the growth in this industry is how to handle the large amounts of data generated.

Focused on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Vancouver-based Carl Data Solutions facilitates data collection, storage and analytics for data-centric companies. The company leverages its team of data scientists and application developers to build environmental monitoring and modeling technology. Guided by an experienced management team, it has taken advantage of IoT market opportunities through strategic acquisitions to build up its customer base in specific verticals.

In 2015, Carl Data acquired FlowWorks, a company with a proprietary system for SaaS-based monitoring, data collection, alarming and reporting. Further expanding its portfolio, Carl Data earlier this month completed its acquisition of certain intellectual property assets, tangible assets, and intangible assets from AB Embedded Systems Ltd, a company with advanced telemetry technology operating in over 250 pump stations across North America.


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