Infosys launches Wingspan Transformational Learning Solution for Enterprises

Next-generation learning solution accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device

Infosys announced the launch of Infosys Wingspan, its next-gen learning solution to help organizations accelerate their talent transformation journey. Based on open source technologies, the cloud-first and mobile-first solution is designed to provide a seamless interactive learning experience accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Infosys Wingspan provides best-in-class curated content from multiple sources that learners can access to enrich their knowledge. Users are provided a personal and engaging experience, by creating their own ‘goals’, measuring ‘time spent’ and ‘learning history’.

With machine learning capabilities, the solution provides tailored and relevant learning recommendations while the AI-powered voice-enabled ‘learning assistant’ also offers guidance at any stage of the learning process. The connected and collaborative solution also enables interaction with peers and provides opportunities for collaborative and competitive learning.

In addition, the solution allows learners to test their competencies through various assessments and gain relevant certifications. Wingspan also enables leaders to drive impactful learning initiatives with insights leveraging analytics, which helps companies understand the learning trends within the organization and plan requisite interventions.

Since its launch in April 2018, Infosys Wingspan (known as Lex internally) has been used by over 1,14,000 Infosys employees. The solution is now available for clients and can easily be integrated into any enterprise’s IT infrastructure to transform its learning capabilities. Infosys Wingspan will be offered with round-the-clock guidance from experts and educators as well as technical and operational support.


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