Indian Startup that Streamlines Customer Helpdesk Experience In 120 Countries

Krishnenjit Roy, Director of IT Operations, Freshdesk -one of the fastest growing enterprise software startups in India, shares how they managed to scale up millions of data points for thousands of businesses.

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support software that help businesses across the world to ensure their customers are happy with their services. In three years, they have grown exponentially with a customer base of 55,000 in over 120 countries, including the likes of SolarCity, Cisco, 3M, Honda, Bridgestone and Goodreads.

With the growth, the number of requests per week boomed from two million two years ago to 260 million today. These are great numbers for a start-up but from an engineering perspective, it is closer to nightmare than a dream come true. Their biggest concern was scaling infrastructure to serve the growing global customer base.

Using AWS, they were able


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