India to lead World in Hybrid Cloud Adoption

43 percent of Indian enterprises to adopt hybrid cloud by 2020 as country set to outpace global and APJ regional rivals for hybrid cloud adoption


India is set to lead the world in hybrid cloud usage and adoption over the next two years according to a new global study by enterprise cloud computing leader, Nutanix, Inc.

The report, “The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index” compiled by Vanson Bourne, and commissioned by Nutanix found the adoption of hybrid cloud workloads in India will more than triple from 13 percent today to 43 percent in the coming twenty-four months.

This rapid adoption is likely to help boost India’s economic muscle as the economy reaps the benefits from enhanced productivity and efficiency, while the nation’s enterprises become more flexible and resilient. As Asia redefines its landscape in the light of the rapid onslaught of digital transformation – those nations equipped to maximise the potential from a fully connected economy will have a considerable advantage.

“This is great news for India’s enterprises and even greater news for India” said Sankalp Saxena, SVP and MD – Operations, India, Nutanix. “Digital transformation is rapidly re-defining the regional and global landscape. As billions more people, places and things become connected to the Internet, and more and more enterprises move their systems, software and processes to cloud providers, the need to connect, communicate, manage and align these varying components take on a new perspective.

"Hybrid infrastructure does all of these things and provides the key to truly unlock the full potential of cloud. By driving hybrid adoption, India’s enterprises look set to keep the country at the centre of the global economy.”

As enterprises pivot towards a hyper connected, always on, and digital environment, it’s becoming increasingly accepted that the promises of public cloud services will only be fully realized in a hybrid model – where public and private cloud environments of any type and size are fully integrated and interoperable.

This is where hybrid can add true value, providing enterprises with benefits such as greater workload flexibility, simplicity in processing big data, broader use of cross platform IT services, enhanced data security and compliance, dramatic cost reduction and greater business growth and RoI.

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