India is Influencing Cloud Strategy: Derrick Loi, Orange Business Services

Derrick Loi, Senior Director, Orange Cloud for Business, Asia Pacific, Orange Business Services is seeing the trend of India-inbound MNCs. In an interaction with Yashvendra Singh, he discusses the reasons why MNCs are moving their data centers to India.

Has any organization with extremely critical data leveraged public cloud? I would say the concern about security is no longer a show stopper. Singapore government is on cloud. Governments are typically very sensitive as data sovereignty is important and the data has to reside within their countries. Even CIA has adopted AWS for their cloud. AWS has portioned a private cloud for CIA. In my previous organization, we have deployed cloud in BFSI. In Orange too, we have such customers. The perception about cloud being unsecure has not stopped BFSI from adopting private cloud. The cost efficiency and scalability from cloud is undeniable. Private cloud addresses these issues. The BFSI and telecom verticals may hesitate when it comes to public cloud but they are adopting private and virtual cloud. Vendors are offering cloud services by innovating from their applications


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