India-Israel Collaboration Potential Worth US$ 25 Billion by 2025

The vehicle driving Indo-Israel prosperity’ identifies IINSPIRE framework to unlock innovation potential of the two-start up nations

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On the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between India and Israel, Accenture and NASSCOM presented the report, ‘Collaborative Innovation: The vehicle driving Indo-Israel prosperity.’

The report identifies a “Vision 25/25” which estimates that by 2025, up-to USD 25 billion of revenue potential can be unleashed for businesses in these countries through cumulative cross-border investment into Indian and Israeli start-ups. The report also sheds light on the opportunities and imperatives that must be met by the two countries to move towards Alliance 2.0—allowing both nations to transcend from the orbit of co-operation to collaboration.

It concludes by recommending the creation of a program called IINSPIRE (Israel INdia Startup Platform for Innovative Research and Entrepreneurship). This framework aims to unleash the combined power of these two nations to deliver on Vision 25/25, by combining their strengths across three areas: talent, technology and temperament.

Key findings:
* India and Israel’s innovation ecosystems share unique innovation complementary traits in three areas: temperament, talent and technology.

* As technology products and services leaders, collaboration between India and Israel promises to unlock significant gains across key sectors of mutual interest.

* Addressing the challenges by focusing on innovation among India and Israel to fully realize the potential.

* A systematic approach and an institutionalized framework is needed for India and Israel to capitalize on their complementary strengths, deepen relationships and strengthen understanding of each other’s markets.

* Accenture and NASSCOM have defined “Vision 25/25”, which states that a cumulative cross-border investment of US$ 25 billion into Indian and Israeli start-ups by 2025 can create 25 world class products across different sectors, unleashing a revenue potential of upto US$ 25 billion from these products by 2025.

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